College Offers Course on Being Transracial

College Offers Course on Being Transracial

Not even Rachel Dolezal is so flat out bonkers that academia can’t quickly catch up:

A Rhode Island college will offer a fall course exploring “racial identification as a process that is always transracial.”

The course, titled “Transracial Bodies, Transracial Selves,” will be offered to students at the Rhode Island School of Design who wish to “understand our bodies in radically unbounded ways.”

“Technological advances in surgery, hormonal therapy, psychiatry, [and] cultural warfare are catching up to the transgender presence: the gendered body is not necessarily that with which we were born, but one that can be crafted to match the real body of our psyche, our dreams,” a course description states before going on to bemoan the fact that “one’s racial self remains tethered to biology.”

No worries; the last tenuous ties between liberal ideology and objective reality have been melting away faster than ice cream dropped on a Phoenix sidewalk in July.

Here we see that the pro-transgender propaganda blitzkrieg that liberals have inflicted is merely an initial stage of their war on sanity, like softening up a city with the Luftwaffe before sending in Panzers:

“Declaring ourselves racially, we all cross restricted zones in becoming ourselves,” the description concludes. “In this course, we will use the discourse of transgenderism to build an alternate vocabulary of race.”

If you can even conceive of where libs will push the envelope next, talk to your doctor about Thorazine.

I wonder if they can get Black Lives Matter racial imposter Shaun King, a.k.a. Talcum X, to teach the class as a guest professor. If not, Dolezal was out of work last I knew.

Well qualified to teach the course.

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