Heartbreak of a Moonbat Mommy: Daughter Admires George Washington

by Dave Blount | March 16, 2017 2:44 pm

George Washington, the father of our country, is generally recognized as one of the greatest men the pages of history have to offer. Naturally he is hated by the sort of moonbats who write op-eds in the almost indescribably odious New York Times. How heartbreaking it must be for those who fail to pass on this hatred to their offspring. Weeps Jennifer Harvey:

Last year at this time, my 7-year-old was running around singing the praises of George Washington. … I was dismayed that the peace- and diversity-centered curriculum she gets at her public school had left her with such a one-dimensional view of history.

Not even the leftist brainwashing that characterizes public schools is considered sufficiently corrosive at the Paper of Record.

Not to worry, moonbats. Ms. Harvey straightened out the pint-size thought criminal:

“Well,” I said, “you know how you’ve been running around here celebrating George Washington? We always talk about George Washington fighting for freedom. But George Washington also owned black people as slaves.”

The moonbat reports with smug gratification that her daughter was horrified.

After I told my daughter the whole story, she asked, “If Washington held slaves, why do we celebrate him as if he was such a great man?”

But poisoning her own daughter’s reverence for our greatest national hero is not enough. All parents must do their part to instill moonbattery. It is…

…urgent that parents who rely on messages like “we’re all equal” or “we’re all the same underneath our skin” in the hope of teaching our children the values of inclusion, equality and difference significantly up our game.

That “content of their character” stuff went out with MLK. White children must be trained to hate not only the Founding Fathers, but also themselves for the color of their skin.

“But we’re all equal” becomes a rote response that actually blocks white children from recognizing or taking seriously racism when they see it or hear about it.

Going by the dictionary definition of racism, this would be nonsense. But when used by liberals, the word means something along the lines of, “failure to blame whites for shortcomings of non-whites.”

She then goes on to explain the dire consequences of not brainwashing children regarding racism:

When they see racial inequality — when the only doctors or teachers they see are white, or fewer kids in accelerated classes are black, for example — they won’t blame racism. Instead, they’ll blame people of color for somehow falling short.

We certainly can’t have kids evaluating success or failure at the individual level. If a white person accomplishes something, it is because of privilege. If a non-white person fails to accomplish something, it is because of racism.

As an example of how this ideology is to be applied, if the percentage of black brain surgeons is not at least equal to the percentage of blacks in the population, more coercive Affirmative Action is required, regardless of the obvious effect this will have on the quality of medical service.

This twisted woman is not only a parent, but a professor at Drake University. The poison people like her are pouring into the collective mind has made our entire civilization sick.

From father of the country to focus of the Two Minutes Hate.

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