OUTRAGE: Obama Invites Black Lives Matter to White House to Discuss Race… Again

by Cassy Fiano | May 19, 2016 6:27 pm

Man, Obama just loves keeping the races divided in America. He’s invited a group of Black Lives Matter activists to the White House to talk about “hate and divisiveness”… you know, like what Obama is spreading.

obama blm[1]

From Gateway Pundit:

On Tuesday Obama invited Black Lives Matter leaders to the White House to lecture on race.


Ferguson and Baltimore pro-violence race agitator DeRay McKesson delivered a speech on hate and divisiveness.

It’s not the first time Black Lives Matter agitators have been invited to the Obama White House.

Because being hyper-focused on race and telling the country how they’re a bunch of intolerant, racist haters is the perfect way to heal racial divisions! Man, Martin Luther King, Jr. had nothing on this genius, huh?

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