Race Impostor Shaun King: Oregon Protesters Are Beneficiaries of White Privilege

Armed protesters have taken over buildings at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in a remote part of Oregon, furious because local ranchers Dwight and Steven Hammond were not only thrown in jail for using fire to clear brush, but were then condemned to longer sentences for the same “crime” after they had already served their time, in accordance with an absurdly inapplicable antiterrorism law.

Why don’t the Feds just go in there guns blazing and kill them all? According to faux black person, hate hoaxer, plagiarist, and swindler Shaun King, it’s because they are white:

Indeed, the white skin of the armed men and women who’ve taken over the federal property serves as a powerful force field protecting them from the shoot-first, ask-questions-later style of law enforcement that permeates communities of color every day. …

You know and I know that if a group of heavily armed Muslim Americans took over a federal building, proclaimed they were ready to kill or be killed, and made a public announcement for other armed Muslims from around the country to join them, the National Guard, State Police and FBI would’ve already shut the whole thing down with violent force.

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Let’s hope so. But Muslims aren’t a race, making the comparison not only ridiculous, but irrelevant to King’s white privilege hypothesis.

More to the point, what about Eric Holder? He took part in an armed takeover by black supremacists of the disused ROTC offices at Columbia University, demanding that the offices be renamed the Malcolm X Lounge. This demand was predictably met, and Holder went on to become Attorney General of the USA, despite a record of helping terrorists.

What are the odds that the demands of the protesters in Oregon will be met?

Too bad all the white privilege that King hallucinates doesn’t compel the government to leave ranchers alone and let them earn a living.

Accused by the media of terrorism and worse yet white privilege.

On a tip from Sean C. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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