Black Women Campus Party canceled because someone invited non-blacks

Black Women Campus Party canceled because someone invited non-blacks

Seriously? A Black Lives Matter group called Black Lives At Mudd (BLAM) has canceled an event entitled: “Black Woman & Non-Gender Conforming People.” Why? Because someone had the nerve to invite non-black people to the event. That’s racist! It was billed as a “Dinner for the Sistahs” at Harvey Mudd College. They claimed it was a celebration of what black women have done for their community. They didn’t mention their racist rules of attendance though. I guess any party can be canceled now if even just one person is offended. These people better never attend a frat party… they’ll have a mental meltdown. This is just stupid.


From Louder from Crowder:

An event called “Dinner for the Sistahs” at Harvey Mudd College ended up facing this dreaded fate. Why? Apparently too many “non-Sistahs” were invited. Yes. That’s the whole controversy.

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Black Lives At Mudd (BLAM) is hosting an event for “Black Woman & Non-Gender Conforming People” in order to have “a celebration of what black women have done for this community…”

“We want to build a community and have a safe fun space to kick back and chill,” BLAM states on the event’s Facebook page. “Transportation, food, and tickets will be provided for Black Woman and Non-Gender Conforming people. Allies will be handles according to resources.”

I’m glad they feel so superior that they can designate who is black and who isn’t. Also, as Steven Crowder correctly points out… “Yeah, safe spaces are never fun. Nor are the people who support them.” The Sistahs were also peeved that men were invited. I don’t know about you, but when I was in college, parties were somewhat lacking without the opposite sex. But in Obama’s brave new world, everyone seems confused over just exactly what sex they are. Sigh. I take it back… they aren’t racists… they are racist freaks. These raging black feminists threw a fit. And just to show what mental giants they are as well, here is what they said: “In my honest opinion, I feel like the dinner is being half-assed, it is last minute, it is devaluing black womyn by not even letting them have two hours with them as the focus (when the event was originally created for Black womyn…like how you gonna make the even called Dinner for Sistahs when the word ‘sistah’ is historically seeded with Black womyn in mind???). This is sh*tty and it ignores the fact that a sh*t ton of WOC are anti-black on these campuses. Thanks for being complicit in the violence by opening the space. Gross,” stated Erin Houston-Burroughs. This gathering had everything you don’t want… racists, feminists, radicals and grammar challenged bigots who censor those who don’t agree with them in the name of tolerance. Now, I’m confused. Darn it.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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