Boston Globe made huge mistake Tweeting this, then bigger mistake right after

Boston Globe made huge mistake Tweeting this, then bigger mistake right after

People couldn’t believe the picture and story that the Boston Globe tweeted the other day. It was a picture of a KKK party burning a cross and swastika like they’re at a fun loving family reunion. Then the Boston Globe made it seem like a normal everyday thing where groups of white supremacists were gathering to talk about how they’re going to unite and do great things together, basically normalizing “white power” groups.

Then the Boston Globe deleted the Tweet, which made them look even worse because then the entire Internet mocked them for it. Either leave your story posted and let the world have their way with it, or don’t post it at all. Some people are wondering if they were hacked, the editor was intoxicated, or they simply made a really stupid decision. Either way, the Internet ROASTED them really bad for it. The Tweets below make a bad tweet turn into a hilarious goldmine of laughs.

White supremacy and doing things in the picture below are not something that should ever be normalized. That would be the equivalent of saying it’s OK for Black Lives Matter to gather in neighborhoods and loot stores. None of that behavior is acceptable and should not ever be normalized as if it’s an everyday part of people’s lives that is acceptable. You don’t have to tolerate or enjoy the company of everyone, but burning crosses like the KKK or burning down stores like BLM should be things you try to avoid.

And maybe someone should relay that information to whomever posted this for the Boston Globe.

This is not what the average Trump supporter looks or acts like, that’s for darn sure. Shame on the Boston Globe for posting this and making it seem like people who voted for President Trump fall into this category of subhuman behavior. This is as bad as trying to let a man in the women’s bathroom and acting like that’s normal too. It’s not normal or acceptable to burn crosses, just like it’s not normal or acceptable for men to wear a dress and sit to pee.

You don’t have to be a racist to vote for someone, just remember that. People aren’t really racist anymore. Racism is just a failing tool that leftists use to try and convince people to vote for Democrats and as you can tell, it’s not working anymore.

Here is the Boston Globe’s instantly regrettable Tweet and the reactions that followed. Next time, leave the Tweet posted and write an explanation. Stand by your words or at least come up with a good excuse. Deleting it out of nowhere makes it seem like you really thought it was a good idea, but then realized it wasn’t and now you’re cowering behind your screen. Own the mistake and move on with your head up high and not in your rear end.

Were they hacked?

Did they figure out this is totally messed up?

Or was it midnight on a Saturday night and someone thought this was funny?

Either way, they would have been smarter to just leave it up because NOW we get to mock them.


Here’s a book the Tweet-master of the Boston Globe should read. There might be a mention of how to Tweet better.

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