College Celebrates People Who Want To ‘Breed White People Out Of Existence’ [VIDEO]

College Celebrates People Who Want To ‘Breed White People Out Of Existence’ [VIDEO]

This whole “white fragility” thing is just stupid beyond measure. It’s racism. If you are white and push back at all, you are labeled a racist. Portland Community College has gone all out on the “white fragility” topic. These people would rather that white people be bred out of existence. The ironic part is that most of those calling for this are white. You first buddy. They ask (moronically, I might add): “Because of their position of privilege and accustomed racial comfort, whites will often display racial arrogance by denying, debating, trivializing racism or critical thought regarding racial conflict.” Give me a freaking break… I don’t suffer from white privilege and I turn against all racism. The only thing we should get rid of are Marxist educators like this.


From Progressives Today:

Portland Community College’s “whiteness history month” has shed light on several concepts that have been brewing beneath the surface for years behind closed doors in academia. One such idea is called “white fragility”, where you’re racist if you push back against the people who imagine a world without whiteness or who openly say they want to breed white people out of existence. In fact, entire events have been based around this concept of “white fragility”.

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Let’s let them define it: “White fragility is a state in which even a minimum amount of racial stress becomes intolerable, triggering a range of defensive moves. These moves include the outward display of emotions such as anger, fear, and guilt, and behaviors such as argumentation, silence, and leaving the stress-inducing situation. These behaviors, in turn, function to reinstate white racial equilibrium.” And “White fragility is, at its essence, a gun level pushback. It’s like the fight or flight response of white people who want to believe that they, and the world by extension, are less racially divisive than they really are.”

The presenter, Melinda Bullen, goes on to describe the “emotions and behaviors” of white fragility: “If we identify as an ally, there’s a danger in reveling and feeling special for doing the work. But ultimately that takes away, and puts attention back on the white person” The emotions include Guilt, anger, relational, anesthetization, dismissiveness, disconnection, social impotence, silence, Appreciation or exaltation, and fear.” This woman has no life and absolutely no self respect. And this is what is teaching those who would lead our country in the future. Pathetic. Bullen, who works as the “Diversity Resource Center” coordinator at Mt. Hood Community College, then explains some of the strategies for dealing with white fragility. “White racism is ultimately a white problem and the burden for interrupting belongs to white people” because “So often whiteness isn’t seen as a race. It’s like ‘everybody has a race’ or whatever.” You should also “avoid seeking validation from the person of color you relate to the most” because “I want to be put up on that ‘good white person’ pedestal”. Seriously? Who is she to say who is a good white person or a good person in general? And then there is this: “Seeing yourself as well-meaning removes responsibility for our actions… Good intentions are one of the great hindrances to honest conversations about race. There’s a feeling of action when we view a painful situation using the reason of good intention. But it doesn’t do anything to affect the impact that the action had on someone else… I want you to gather in groups of three. And I’d like you to discuss the impact white fragility has on your work, organization, or those you serve through our organization.” Towards the end of the session, it was concluded that “whiteness history month” “comes at a cost to colleagues of color.” Any way you slice it, according to this idiocy, if you are white, you are racist.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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