Couple Refuses to Give Up Seats for Loudmouth Thugs… Then THIS Happens

Couple Refuses to Give Up Seats for Loudmouth Thugs… Then THIS Happens

You hear very little about black on white crime, which is odd, because that is the majority of crime that takes place. A couple in DC experienced this kind of crime first hand on the Metro. Ten black youths with scarves over their faces came up to them and demanded their seats. Before the man could even respond, they started pummeling both the man and the woman. They were hit in their heads and bodies by these racist thugs. This isn’t the first time one of these attacks has occurred… it is the fourth. I don’t see Al Sharpton or the media running to defend this white couple. Point made.


From the Conservative Tribune:

The liberal media like to point out the white-on-black crime that they claim is indicative of the immense racism in America, yet they constantly fail to report the black-on-white crime that is just as prevalent in urban America.

According to WTTG, Fox5DC, a white couple sitting in a metro station were brutally assaulted by a gang of about 10 black thugs after not giving up their seat.

“It was pretty quick and direct,” the male victim told reporters. “They came up — I noticed they had scarves over their face — they said a few words about my shoes, about getting up, if I wanted to give them my seat, and then before I had a chance to respond, that is when they just started attacking.”

The couple say they won’t ride the Metro anymore because they don’t feel safe. I don’t know why they would have in the first place… common sense tells you it is not safe in DC. And they shouldn’t live there – I don’t recommend that anyone does… the whole area is very dangerous. Police have released surveillance shots of the previous suspects, but no photos of the most recent attackers have been released as of Monday. Police are looking for several black youths who are roaming the Metro and the city committing these racist attacks. This couple was sucker punched and then kicked in their faces. They are lucky to have survived. The attack was unprovoked and it lasted 15 seconds. It changed this couple’s look on life forever.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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