Man Tells Tucker Carlson Blacks Should Be Priority With Hurricane Relief – Bad Move [WATCH]

Man Tells Tucker Carlson Blacks Should Be Priority With Hurricane Relief – Bad Move [WATCH]

It’s hard to believe that anyone could be so tone deaf and racist that they would have the giblets to get up on Tucker Carlson’s show and say that black people should be a priority in relief aid for Hurricane Harvey. Catastrophes are colorblind… all people who are victims of the tragedy should get help and skin color should have nothing to do with it. I shouldn’t even have to say that. Tucker Carlson didn’t take it well either.

Charles Ellison, a writer for a black-centric website, was the idiot who decided that he should make the point that black people should come first when helping victims of the storm. He said that to Carlson’s face, who couldn’t believe what he had just heard. Ellison, of “The Root,” wrote a piece last week, entitled “Making sure your Houston relief money is going to the black folks who need it most isn’t easy,” that suggested those handling relief funds in Houston need to take race into account when doling out the monies. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this… others are pushing for donations to be made on the basis of race as well. It’s disgusting. Leftists and racists are pushing this. Gee, I’m so shocked. Not.

Tucker conceded that there are some good points in Ellison’s piece on poor people needing more help, but the race part he wasn’t buying. “What I was bothered by in your piece was the racial angle,” Carlson said. “The idea that aid ought to be given on the basis of race seemed like a really divisive way to think about it and I’m wondering why you did.” Then the shuffle began. Ellison claimed he wasn’t doing that. He said he was highlighting issues of race and class that play a factor in relief aid.

And the argument that Ellison made to Carlson is one thing. What he wrote is actually another. “As government and nongovernmental agencies transition into the recovery phase, there’s growing skepticism that they will prioritize black and brown folks dealing with the compounded devastation from generations of dire economic straits—and, now, climate-change-instigated ‘1,000-year’ floods,” he wrote. That sure sounds to me as if he’s calling for black and brown people to be prioritized over everyone else because of economics. And what’s with the climate change hogwash?

He also ranted on about how money from the Red Cross didn’t get to black folks. Charity and relief aid should not be based on race. The left is always screaming about the right being racist, when practically everything the left does is racist instead. This guy is another black Marxist who believes blacks should come first. He should at least have the spine to stick to his story the way he wrote it and not try and shift it for Carlson.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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