Race Rioting Thug Acts Out at Trump Event… Gets a NASTY Surprise!

Race Rioting Thug Acts Out at Trump Event… Gets a NASTY Surprise!

It’s been some time since I’ve been back to my old stomping grounds of Las Vegas. Things have changed it would seem. Donald Trump was there the other day and that hotel conference area was so packed you couldn’t jostle for a place to stand. Some Black Lives Matter thug decided that would be the perfect place to start screaming incoherently at Donald Trump. Security descended on him instantly. Lucky for him, because the way the crowd reacted and cheered, he may have been in serious doo doo as they had turned on him. They literally had to drag the idiot out of there. Classy.

Black Lives Matter

From Wayne Dupree:

You know what sucks about this outburst? It didn’t have to happen. There could have been a logical conclusion to this man’s contempt for Donald Trump but he wanted to be the focus of attention, so he acted out and honestly made everyone standing around him the victim as he became the instigator.

No one wants to listen to these people when they behave like crazies. The “Black lives matter” group needs to learn, first, how to behave like intelligent grown-ups. Then, they need to approach these speakers with intelligent questions and a firm agenda to discuss like grown up, intelligent humans…not like a pack of wild monkeys. Believe it or not, this kind of behavior was in vogue many years ago, but now we have moved on as a country and people.

No one wants to be around a violent, racist nutcase. If you want to debate, fine… ask coherent questions of the speaker and be respectful of those around you and their opinions as well. You don’t go all activist, screaming and ranting, and expect that you won’t be treated like the crazed radical that you are acting like. These are the kind of people that Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are fighting against. They are unhinged. Trump is now at 41% in the polls and he is getting more and more support from all races and walks of life out there. Black Lives Matter and the other thugs on the prowl better get a clue. Their days of having free range in America are quickly coming to an end. Thankfully so. We now have two anti-establishment candidates that speak for the people and not the politicos and their special interests. Criminal factions such as #BlackLivesMatter are about to be left out in the Marxist cold. 2016 can’t come soon enough.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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