RACE RIOTS: Protests In Oakland Shut Down Highway To Protest Violence In Charlottesville [VIDEO]

RACE RIOTS: Protests In Oakland Shut Down Highway To Protest Violence In Charlottesville [VIDEO]

What’s the best way to respond to violent Nazis in Virginia? Block highways in Oakland, of course! Punish innocent people who had absolutely nothing to do with the protests. Because you are tolerant and peaceful and want people to see your rational and eloquent side of the argument.

Or, you know, something.

Protesters took to the streets of Oakland and blocked several streets in an effort to show their displeasure with the events that unfolded in Charlottesville, VA.

The Berkeley Antifa group posted on Twitter in solidarity with their friends in Charlottesville and intended to shut down the streets.

This is nothing more than an opportunity for these thugs to inconvenience innocent drivers and terrorize local businesses.

The group carried signs saying, “Fascist scum, you time is done” and “We resist Nazis in the streets and the White House.” Because apparently Trump is a Nazi? Since when? There are a lot of things you can say about Trump, but you can’t call him a White Supremacist.

I mean, you can, but you’ll look stupid because that’s simply untrue.

Who is this helping, exactly? What is your message and what cause are you furthering? I mean, I get that you’re upset, but is taking to the streets and threatening innocent people the best way to do that?

Take your anger out on the people who deserve it, not people who are just trying to drive in Oakland. You’re pissing off people who may help with your cause, and alienating them because you are mad about things that happened across the country. How about you up and travel to Charlottesville and confront them there, instead of ruining your own neighborhood, where nothing has happened? Is that really the best course of action?

I realize that I’m trying to talk logically to a group of people who have completely renounced the use of logic, but as least I can say I tried.

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