Street Gangs Should Replace Police: Say #BlackLivesMatter and St. Louis Candidate for Mayor

by Earl Hall | October 3, 2015 10:11 am

What the hell can I say to this madness?  I think we may need to start the process of just putting all crazy people like this in one state and building a wall around it.  If a mayoral candidate like this actually wins, I nominate Missouri for this project and we can have Trump make them pay for the wall[1].

St. Louis mayoral candidate and Black Lives Matter protest leader Umar Lee wants to replace law enforcement with street gangs to patrol neighborhoods of St. Louis.

Umar Lee announced this week that he is running for mayor of St. Louis.

In October 2014, radical Islamist Umar Lee promised Islamic jihad against the Ferguson police department.

Muslim Umar Lee was arrested in Ferguson Missouri in September.
Umar Lee once threatened to behead his critics and watch them squeal “like Daniel Pearl.”



In August after several months of protesting and disrupting the peace in the St. Louis area Umar Lee was fired from his job after another public disturbance in the county.

@LacledeCab[3] fired @STLAbuBadu[4] over his “visibility” in pro-Black actions. If #BlackLivesMatter[5], #BoycottLacledeCab[6][7]

— Daniel I. Aguilar (@Ferguson2NYC) August 25, 2015[8]

Adam Sharp interviewed Umar Lee this week after his announcement.

Umar wants to replace local police with street gangs to patrol St. Louis neighborhoods.

Umar believes all conservatives should support his campaign – including Gateway Pundit.

This type of crazy is CRAZY!  I have no idea what this country is even coming to anymore.  The level of anger and violence just keeps growing and growing.  All of these cities that have these high crime rates are all lead by democrats.  Maybe the plan should be that we just separate people by Red and Blue states?  All Libs go to Blue and all Conservatives go to Red.  Of course all the radical Islamist can move to the Blue states.

Who else should we send to the Blue States?

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