Teacher Calls Students Racist… She Shows Up to a Class to Find a Specially “Decorated” Room [VIDEO]

by Sierra Marlee | August 29, 2017 2:17 am

“Racist” has become one of the favorite words of people who have absolutely no way of winning an argument other than attempting to disparage the person they are “debating.” It’s a desperate tactic that has proven to be less than effective in shutting down speech.

It’s one thing to have it thrown around in Facebook debates where neither person ever actually sees the other, but it’s another completely if you’re a teacher who confronts your students for having a different political opinion than you and calling them “racists.”


This teacher disparaged Trump all year long and called people who supported him “racists,” including her own students. When they’d finally had enough of her crap, they decided to decorate her classroom in a way only she would appreciate.

In true victim/drama queen fashion, she decided to film a video in which she lamented how her students treated her following a year of political bullying.

She can be seen crying over a print out of the 2016 Presidential electoral map, making it known that she’s from a red state. Not to be outdone, a Hispanic teacher who apparently also talked negatively about the President came to class to find a “wall” in front of her class door. Students printed out pages that resembled bricks and taped them together in front of the door.

Watch the video below in which she accuses the students of “racism” multiple times, but provides no evidence of actual racism.


Okay, I’m just going to say that making fun of her teeth was uncalled for. That being said, I have absolutely no sympathy for her. If you treat people like crap, they’re eventually going to retaliate.

How about we compromise? You, Mz. Teacher, stay in your lane and teach your subject and then go home and post about how much you hate President Trump on the Internet where people pretend to care about your opinions. Does that sound good?

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