Young Black Woman Destroys America’s ‘Fake Racial War’ – Best Thing I’ve Seen All Year! [VIDEO]

by McIntosh | August 19, 2017 5:30 am

The media no longer has the interest of truth on its side. They are no longer unbiased and truth seeking fighters, not even close. They are all working for the Democratic Party, which itself has become the radical party of communism. What they do is play a deadly game called identity politics and the media has used it for years to control the message[1] and in turn control generations of thought.


Do you really believe that the media cares about statues being taken down? You would be beyond foolish if you thought that. It’s clicks and agenda, and nothing else. Just last week, the media mentioned nothing about statues being taken down, yet now race and slavery is all we are hearing because it is being unjustly used as a weapon to rile up the radicals to attack conservatives who have nothing to do with anything and anyone else on the right.

The following video absolutely reveals just what the media and the radicals have been up to and it has to do with starting a “race war.”

From BizPac Review[3]:

“Let me invite you over for a cup of hot steaming facts.”

A conservative black woman completely trounced the leftist narrative being pushed by the media on violent rioting last weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia.

“White supremacy and the KKK. Really? That’s what you guys want me to be concerned about this week?” Candice Owens asked in a scathing rebuttal of liberal media agenda in a video published Wednesday. “Do I look like an idiot?”

This is her opinion, but I got to ask… does it ring true? Well, guess what? It doesn’t matter what you feel about it! We are dealing with reason and facts. “Both of you children to your room.” I love it. Who’s the real adult here?

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