After hurricane refugee doesn’t tip him, waiter calls for all Harvey evacuees to “die slow” [VIDEO]

by McIntosh | September 6, 2017 2:52 am

There’s some outrage on line being aimed at a certain San Antonio waiter and if you know what he did, you might just join the outrage as well. Apparently this waiter now is on the unemployed list due to pressure being applied on his employer. So what did he do to get such a vicious backlash? Well, nothing too major…all he did was use his Facebook account to wish that the survivors of Hurricane Harvey conveniently ‘drown’.

Now, that’s not against the law, but actions have consequences and this waiter – who has so far gone unnamed by the media – centered his disgusting remarks on what he labeled as ‘cheap evacuees’.

This waiter had claimed that some of the Houston residents that had to be evacuated from Houston, had ended up in his City of San Antonio where he worked as a waiter at the Rainforest Cafe. he claimed that some who visited his place of work had asked for discounts, then didn’t leave a tip for him. He called them ‘b***hes’ in his post and went way over the line by hoping that they ‘die slow.’

If this guy was your employee, would you want to keep him employed? Not me.


Here’s what this disturbed waiter had to post on his Facebook page:

“Man, f**k all you cheap evacuees. Don’t come eat at my restaurant [sic] and ask for a discount and then not tip me!!! F**k each and every one of y’all go back to Houston, Galveston, and Corpus, and f**king drown!!! Idgaf this is how I get paid if you not gonna pay me for your good service then die slow B***hes you and your family!!! Idgaf!!!”

Here’s the thing – his bosses ACTUALLY ‘gaf’, because now he doesn’t’ have a job, thanks to himself. This guy ended up deleting his message not too long after posting it, but even then it was too late because some people had taken screenshots of what he posted. So here’s a lesson, kids. Before you do something online as stupid as you are, be sure to ask yourself if you really should be laying out any dirty laundry, because you might not like what follows. For this waiter, people started calling up the Rainforest Cafe where he worked, demanding that they let go of the guy.


The parent company of the Rainforest Cafe, Landry, sent out their senior vice president and COO, Keith Beitler, the senior vice president and COO of the specialist restaurants division, to clean up the PR mess this incident was causing:

“It was brought to our attention that an employee of Rainforest Cafe in San Antonio shared personal comments on a private group Facebook page. This is not reflective of our company’s views and this employee is no longer employed with us. Our hearts go out to all those affected by Hurricane Harvey’s devastation.”

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