Syrian Refugees Busted for Planning Terror Attack

by Dave Blount | November 24, 2017 3:36 pm

No sooner is Thanksgiving over than the Christmas season begins. Already New Germans have been preparing to enrich the multicultural tapestry of their adopted home with festive celebrations:

German police on Tuesday detained six Syrians suspected of planning an attack using weapons or explosives on behalf of the Islamic State militant group, prosecutors said.

What are all these Syrians doing in Germany?

Four of the suspects arrived in Germany in December 2014 and two arrived the following year. All six had applied for asylum.

That is, they are refugees, also known as Islamic colonists, welfare colonists, and “rapefugees,” due to their habit of sexually assaulting German women. Angela Merkel has imported over a million of them.

It is the second time this month that Syrians have been arrested on suspicion of planning militant violence. Earlier this month a 19-year-old Syrian man was detained on suspicion of planning a bomb attack.

Readers will recall that an asylum seeker from Tunisia managed to kill 12 in Berlin last year by driving a truck into a Christmas market. That was only a foretaste of Christmases to come.

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