BOOM! Atheists Try to Shut Down School Prayer, Instead Get Epic Surprise From Christians…

by Frank Lea | March 12, 2016 3:17 pm

If someone wants to pray, let them pray. How does it affect your life if someone else is praying? It’s OK to be an atheist, but don’t push your agenda on someone who wants to be a believer. People don’t force you to believe, therefore you shouldn’t force people to not believe. Leave each other alone and be happy the way you are. The atheists who tried to shut down student prayer had their plan totally backfire, as students led prayer[1] themselves.


The atheist bullies at the Freedom from Religion Religion decided last month to again attack Christian believers — this time by demanding that Hollister Public Schools in Missouri stop permitting youth ministers to lead prayers with students on school grounds.

According to KOLR, the plan backfired big time, in that it spurred students into leading prayers of their own on behalf of their school district.

I’m very open minded, but I also try to mind my own business. Some people should consider trying that.

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