Chaplains under attack… in our own military. [Video]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | April 28, 2015 11:02 am

These militant Marxists just won’t be satisfied[1] until all Chaplains are booted out of the military. That’s the goal[2]. The Obama Administration and his minions want Christian influence removed from the ranks. If you do that, they are more easily controlled by the powers-that-be. I don’t see how you can be an effective Chaplain and relate your experiences without invoking your faith – that’s what Chaplains do… they give comfort and guidance spiritually.


Does the Obama administration understand what it is that military chaplains do?

A Georgia congressman appeared on “Fox & Friends” Sunday to explain why he came to the defense of a chaplain who he said received a “letter of concern” because he cited his Christian faith during a suicide prevention training session at the University of North Georgia in November.

“I think right now what we’re dealing with is people who claim to be tolerant are actually the most intolerant, especially when they have beliefs they truly don’t believe in,” Republican Rep. Doug Collins told his Anna Kooiman.

“Chaplains are there for everyone, whether they have faith or no faith, and the chaplains need to be able to operate under their own faith background and also operate within the military. And right now they seem to be under attack for doing just that.”

Kooiman asked Collins what the danger was if military personnel are told they can’t pray when they are in a trying time.

“We’re in an environment where our military needs to always be at the top of readiness, and readiness means not only physical well-being but also mental and spiritual well-being,” Collins said. “And so that’s why it is important that chaplains are able to continue their role in the guidelines that have already been set forth.

“What you have now is basically a minority group that says this shouldn’t be part of the military,” he said.

The morale of the military is down a whopping 35% under Obama and with good reason. The military is being gutted of weaponry, disparaged for their warrior prowess and stripped spiritually. Obama figures you have to destroy the morale and integrity of the US military before you can remold it into something he can use to his own personal benefit. You will find Michael Weinstein, president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, behind this. He is a singularly evil man who is a foot soldier for Obama, carrying out his mandates. This is an ongoing war now not only for the soul of the US military, but for our nation. Christians are being hunted and persecuted in the US by our leaders and with good reason – they fear those that in the end only answer to God.

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