Cracker Barrel Caves In And Brings Back Duck Dynasty Products!

by John Hawkins | December 22, 2013 4:56 pm

Although most of the Duck Dynasty sponsors hung in there after the A&E suspension, Cracker Barrel yanked SOME of their Duck Dynasty merchandise. What they were trying to accomplish was ambiguous to begin with because they noted from the beginning that they were keeping the Duck Commander brand merchandise which is owned by the Robertson family. However, after a blistering response from the public, they’ve given in completely and have decided to bring back all of their Duck Dynasty merchandise.


We made a mistake, we listened to you, and we apologize. #DuckDynasty[2] products are back in our stores.[3]

— Cracker Barrel (@CrackerBarrel) December 22, 2013[4]

There’s a real lesson in there for Christians and conservatives. If you’re willing to stand up, speak out and fight back instead of shrugging your shoulders and ceding the field to the Left, you can actually change things for the better.

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