Female Bishop Does Not Want God Referred to as Male

by Dave Blount | October 27, 2015 4:24 pm

Looks like God could be in for a sex change if the moonbats subverting the Church of England have their way:

As Bishop of Gloucester, the Rt Rev Rachel Trewood is the Church of England’s most senior clergywoman. [Monday], she was introduced to the House of Lords as one of 26 Lords Spiritual, becoming the first female Bishop to take a seat in the Lords.

Speaking over the weekend, the Bishop used her platform to raise the subject of God’s gender, saying: “In the creation narratives, we’re told that God created human beings in God’s likeness, and then it goes on to talk about male and female. If I am made in the image of God, then God is not to be seen as male.”

Other moonbats can be counted on to back her up:

She has been supported in her comments by Reverend Dr Miranda Threlfall-Holmes, vice-chair of pressure group WATCH (Women And The Church) – which promotes inclusive language in the Church of England. “I’m pleased that Rachel is using her position to make these points,” she said.

As for the Christian religion,

the Bishop appears to be going directly against the teachings of Jesus Christ Himself, who instructed his disciples to pray to Abba, ‘Father’, and not merely to ‘God’, or indeed to imma, ‘mother’. Therefore the very first line of the Lord’s Prayer, given to the disciples and all his followers as a model upon which prayer is to be built, is “Our Father in Heaven…”

In his book on the Lord’s Prayer, author Ronald J. Lavin further points out that use of the word Abba in prayer was very important for Jesus:

“Jesus used the Aramaic term Abba [Father] when he was asked by his disciples how to pray. “When you pray, say Abba,” he said.

But none of that is relevant here, because a liberal Christian is a liberal, not a Christian. You can only serve one god. Trewood serves hers slavishly:

She also criticised the church’s lack of diversity, saying “we’re not where we should be with diversity, particularly with ethnic minorities”. The church, she said, is “the Church of England, and England is made up of people of all colours, genders, different experiences, different social backgrounds.”

Only in a world gone insane would a Bishop in the Church of England denounce her congregation for being English.

Like the rest of Western Civilization, Christianity is being hollowed out from within. Everything traditional will be eradicated.

Trewood is a Bishop in the Church of Moonbattery.

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