Franklin Graham Gave a CHILLING Warning For Our Country… Spread This Everywhere

Franklin Graham Gave a CHILLING Warning For Our Country… Spread This Everywhere

If we as a country turn our back on God’s teachings, then what will happen? According to Franklin Graham, Obama has led the country in celebrating sin, and we’re experiencing a moral decline because of it.


Evangelist Franklin Graham said that both he and his father, famed preacher Billy Graham, are most concerned about the “moral decline” that they see in American culture, accusing the Obama administration of “celebrating sin” in a recent interview with The Church Boys podcast.

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“Our country has changed so much, and we’ve seen the moral decline — and that moral decline being led by the Obama administration, and championing things like same-sex marriage, which is really defiance against God,” Graham said. “Same-sex marriage is a sin against God. God made us male and female.”

The evangelist, who was in New York to discuss his father Billy Graham’s new book, “Where I Am: Heaven, Eternity, and Our Life Beyond,” then reiterated his belief that President Barack Obama’s administration has been facilitating and holding up “sin.”

“And then to say that marriage is between two men or two women, this is sin and the Obama administration is celebrating sin and they are pushing sin,” he continued.

In our current culture, it’s not enough to have a live-and-let-live mentality — we’re now all required to celebrate gay marriage and anyone who doesn’t toe the line is labeled as a bigot and faces losing their business. With that in mind, celebrating sin sure does seem to be a good way of describing it.

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