Freedom From Religion Foundation Upset That Their Insulting Sign Was “Violently Mangled”

by William Teach | April 19, 2014 8:07 am

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is one of the more extreme Left wing religion hating groups. To use Leftist terminology, they are a hate group. They constantly butt in around the country regarding religious belief. These busybodies are Offended, so the rights of other people have to be infringed. And, like most leftist groups, instead of being respectful in their disagreement, they are insulting, rude, denigrating, divisive, and deranged

(The Blaze[1]) An anti-Easter sign posted in the Wisconsin state Capitol by atheist activists was “violently mangled” and “mutilated,” according to the organization that displayed it.

“Nobody died for our sins. Jesus Christ is a myth,” read the sign that was posted Monday by the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

According to the Wisconsin-based group, a “fanatic” vandalized the poster Wednesday, though little information is known about the culprit.

“A man wrested [the] foamboard sign, which was securely taped to an easel, and violently mangled it in front of passersby,” a statement[2] on the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s website said. “Capitol security was quickly summoned and gave chase, but the vandal got away.”

They put the sign back up in order to generate sympathy. While I do not condone the destruction of the sign, it’s simply a sign, and an insulting one at that. The FFRF has been destroying the ability of people of faith (meaning Christians and Jews, because the FFRF never seems to go after Muslims. Probably too scared to cross the “Religion of Peace”) to practice their religion in public, to put up any displays, etc. They are essentially attempting to do away with all religion in public view. These same anti-religion bigots whined[3] to the Sun Prairie, Wis utility commission over the shutting of office for Good Friday, calling it “illegal”.

Christians look to celebrate Good Friday and Easter in a peaceful, respectful manner. These atheist groups like the FFRF look to force their views in a disrespectful, insulting manner. They are attempting the same thing in Chicago’s Daley Plaza

(Mediaite[4]) On the other side of the argument was Faith and Freedom Foundation Deputy National Field Director Virginia Galloway, who said she thought it was “kind of sad” that during this week of religious celebration “we are attacked and denigrated.” She said, “They certainly have a right, a constitutional right to express their opinions and many good people have fought and died for that right for them as well as us, and I appreciate that.”

“But at the same time, it just seems kind of without class, kind of like the Westboro crowd and the things that they did,” Galloway continued, evoking the Christian protest group best known for picketing funerals with signs that say things like “God hates fags.” She added, “Sure, maybe they had a right to do it, but it just seems very wrong.”

It’s an apt comparison: both groups are heavily intolerant and nasty. The FFRF put up a nasty signed to elicit a response, and when they got one, they complain.

On a related note, I would highly recommend reading Thy Kingdom Fall by Austin Dragon[5], a scifi/political thriller based on the intentional destruction of religion around the world. It dovetails nicely into what these hardcore anti-religion hate groups are attempting to do.

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