ISIS police sentence musicians to 90 lashes because they were playing music on an ‘un-Islamic’ electronic keyboard [Video]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | January 21, 2015 11:27 am

Religious zealot monsters[1]. These bearded miscreants look like they are really getting into flogging and whipping people. Sheer evil and they enjoy it. 90 lashes can easily kill a human, all for the crime of ‘music.’ Barbaric in the extreme, these same demons just killed 13 teenage boys for watching soccer. They are killing those that raise pigeons now and I lost count of those they have chopped off hands and arms for theft. ISIS and the Caliphate are going whole hog to enforce Shariah law in their bloody wake.

Pictures show the men being beaten on their backs and legs by tribal elders
in a public square believed to be in Bujaq, a town to the north east of Aleppo.

Just a few days ago, footage emerged showing men being thrown off the top
of a 100ft tower in Raqqa, Syria, after being accused of being gay by ISIS police.

From the Daily Mail:

Islamic State religious police have been filmed beating musicians and destroying their instruments as punishment for playing an ‘un-Islamic’ keyboard.

The men were pictured being hit across the back and legs with a wooden stick in a public square after ISIS’s fanatical Islamic enforcers ruled the electric keyboard was ‘offensive to Muslims’.

Another picture shows two keyboards and what appears to be a lute smashed to pieces after raids thought to have taken place in Bujaq, a few miles to the east of Aleppo in Syria.

According to text posted along with the images on a file-sharing website, the musicians were punished with 90 lashes alongside a man caught impersonating a ‘hisbah’.

The Arabic term generally refers to the obligation on Muslim leaders to uphold the law, but in this context likely refers to a local official or tribal elder.

According to the online post, which claims to have come from ISIS’s information office in Aleppo, a man caught smuggling cigarettes was also punished with 50 lashes.

Since taking control of large parts of Syria and Iraq last year ISIS claims to have formed a Caliphate in the Middle East, and has taken to enforcing strict Sharia law within its borders.

Thieves are regularly pictured having their hands or arms amputated in public squares amid crowds of onlookers, while adulterers have been executed.

Earlier today, it was reported that at least 15 pigeon breeders in eastern Iraq were rounded up after ISIS ruled the sport distracted them from praising Allah.

Three of those held by the group in the eastern province of Diyala have reportedly been killed, according to a security official.

Abu Abdullah, a farmer, said a total of six gunmen barged into his home earlier this week and dragged away his 21-year-old son.

Mr Abdullah’s son is just one of the 15 young men – all aged between 16 and 22 – who have reportedly been captured in the province for breeding birds.

Yesterday it was reported that 13 youngsters were killed by firing squad in Iraq’s second city of Mosul for watching an Asian Cup football match between Iraq and Jordan.

Activist group Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently, which operates out of Syria, reported that the teenagers were shot in public and their bodies left there as their parents are too afraid to go and get them.

The boys’ ‘crime’ – breaking religious laws by watching football – was read out on a loudspeaker before their executions.

It came just days after ISIS released a video showing two men being thrown off the top of a tower block in Raqqa, Syria, for being gay.

A masked Islamic State fighter announced the charges against the accused using a small handheld radio, before declaring them guilty of engaging in homosexual activities.

He said they should be punished by death, in accordance with Islamic State’s radical interpretation of Sharia law.

The men were then bound and blindfolded before being pushed off the 100ft tower block to their death.

Last week, they threw gay men off a 100 foot tower to their deaths. This along with beheadings, crucifixions, stonings, torture and every form of debased murder you can think of is in their Islamic repertoire. Here’s a fact for you, since Obama began supposedly bombing Daesh, ISIS has doubled their conquered territory. Boko Haram controls four times what ISIS does. If you think that Shariah law and the Caliphate won’t impact us, you are horridly mistaken. Everything is a crime that is punishable in one form or another. Today it is music and watching soccer. The poor parents couldn’t even get their children’s bodies for fear of ISIS killing them. This is the Religion of Peace and this is our future if we don’t fight back.

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