Pakistani Christians Told to Convert to Islam to Receive Flood Aid

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | September 2, 2015 8:08 am

Literally damned if you do and damned if you don’t[1] if you are a Christian in Pakistan. Christians who have lost everything to devastating floods in Pakistan are being told by Muslim charities (which are basically the only charities there) to convert to Islam of become a bonded servant – a slave. This comes as the Muslim Pakistani government turned their backs on Christians after the floods and provided aid to Muslim communities. Sixty Christian families are without food, shelter or water. So, in a number of cases, the choice is conversion, slavery or death.

Pakistani Christians1[2]

From The Clarion Project:

Christians left homeless due to devastating flooding in Pakistan have been offered an unacceptable choice[3] by Muslim charities providing for victims: convert to Islam or become bonded servants, essentially a form of modern-day slavery.

The choice come with the Pakistani government’s alleged decision to ignore the suffering of the country’s Christian communities.

“When it comes to responding to the flooding of Christian communities, the government seems to back off. Whereas with Muslim communities they respond immediately as do the Muslim charities,” said[4] Wilson Chowdhry, the president of the British Pakistani Christian Association speaking to The Christian Post.

Chowdhry added that “is not unusual for the government to overlook helping the Christian communities.” In addition, the government has not built the proper infrastructure to prevent this type of damage, even though the region is known for severe flooding, he said.

Floods that hit the Kasur region in Pakistan this summer washed away thousands of homes, including those of more than 60 Christian families. While the Muslims left homeless were provided with temporary shelter, clean water and food by the government and Muslim charities, the Christians were not.

Chowdhry said the Christians were told to renounce their religion and convert to Islam if they wanted to receive aid, a choice they rejected. They were offered the option of receiving aid if they became bonded servants to the Muslims.

“We arrived very late. We first went to Layyah and Gilgit where flooding was most severe, but if we had arrived in Kasur seven days earlier, there could have been more lives that we potentially could have saved from this modern-day slavery,” Chowdhry said. “Several families have already now signed contracts, which have now made them slaves for their Muslim landlords.”

This has gone on in Islam since its inception. If you are an infidel, you deserve death evidently. Americans cry about ‘pretend’ slavery in the US, when real slavery is rampant in the Middle East and countries like Pakistan. And remember, these guys have nukes. Only Muslim communities get new roads and flood control… only Muslim communities get medicine, food, water and shelter… only Muslim communities are given funds to help their needy. Christians, not so much. If they don’t convert or submit, let them die. This is all part of the greatest Christian genocide the world has ever seen. And the Vatican is silent – very few Christians are riding to the rescue. The silence is deafening.

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