Procession Honoring Virgin Mary Considered “Provocation,” Attacked by Muslims in Italy

by Dave Blount | May 15, 2015 4:00 pm

Did you ever think you would live to see the day that it would be unsafe to hold a procession honoring the Virgin Mary not just in totalitarian Islamic hellholes of the Middle East but in Italy?

On Sunday morning, a group of young Muslim immigrants interrupted a Catholic procession in honor of the Virgin Mary with verbal insults, shouting, and threats as the group passed in front of the Islamic Cultural Center in Conselice, a small town in lower Romagna.

In predominantly Catholic Italy, the month of May is dedicated to the traditional processions carrying a statue or image of the Madonna, usually accompanied by the singing of hymns and praying of the rosary.

The Marian procession is a tradition in Conselice, and every year, the faithful gather at the Piazza Foresti and then proceed along a number of streets including the Via Dante Alighieri, which also passes in front of the Islamic Cultural Center. On Sunday, after the 9:30 a.m. Mass, a group of 100 faithful, including several small children preparing to receive their first Holy Communion, began the procession as usual.

Apparently understanding the procession to be a provocation, a group of Muslim youth from the Islamic Center began hurling verbal abuse and threats at the passing procession.

The Middle East was once home to a diverse array of vibrant cultures whose existence was seen as a “provocation” to Muslims. They don’t exist anymore.

Our culture won’t exist for long either if we don’t start putting up resistance. Since the authorities in the government and media side with Islam, the urgent first step is to replace them.

Dhimmis say provocations invite violence.

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