Religious Freedom Lives to See Another Memorial Day in Houston

Excellent news on Memorial Day: VA bureauweenies have dropped demands that ministers keep references to Christianity out of their prayers.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Fred Hindrichs told federal District Judge Lynn Hughes that the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs will not demand that Memorial Day prayers at Houston National Cemetery Monday be as non-denominational as possible.

The term non-denominational used to mean not specifically Protestant or Catholic. Now it means purged of anything that might remind our left-wing lawyer overlords of the Christian faith. But for this Memorial Day, Christianity is not officially banned.

“(The agency) will let the prayer go on this Monday,” Hindrichs told Hughes.

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The change of heart came one day after the judge granted the Rev. Scott Rainey a temporary restraining order against the agency after officials told the pastor to edit his prayer to make it as general and non-denominational as possible. Rainey’s prayer, submitted for review at the agency’s request included the recitation of the Lord’s Prayer and thanked Jesus Christ, the Christian savior, in closing.

This victory for religious freedom didn’t come without a fight.

Rainey filed a lawsuit against the agency Thursday, claiming the government was censoring his speech and asked the judge to stop the agency from doing so.

What’s left of our liberty will be snuffed out the instant we let liberals get away with it. Those we remember today did their duty overseas; we owe it to their memories to hold up our end here at home, so that their sacrifices will not be in vain.

Un-non-denominational crosses.

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