Stephen Hawking is wrong – Intellectual Froglegs 04-01-15

by Joe Dan Gorman | April 1, 2015 4:23 pm

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For ridiculous reasons, show was renamed from “An atheist, a hillbilly & God”

I actually grow very tired of writing about our treasonous president, but of course we lampoon him some more. Imagine a president that actually loves God AND America.  Well, we may have a couple of guys running that fit that profile..

The first of the fresh-face conservative republicans to throw his hat in the ring— was Ted Cruz.  I’m not endorsing anyone, but I could absolutely vote for Ted Cruz. Strong conservative.

Jeb Bush makes me ill

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Christianity remains under constant attack… as Atheists continue to point to their Torch Bearer Stephen Hawking to prove there is no God. Well….with the help of some brilliant scientific minds that believe in God— we point out the absurdity of the Big Bang—without a creator. No matter how you twist and contort…. mass and energy cannot spring out of nothingness..   

And don’t miss the re-mixed LIVE legendary original members of Foghat from 1974….good, good stuff.

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