The St. John’s Boob Grab Ad

by John Hawkins | September 10, 2009 12:53 pm

Out of all the things I didn’t plan to write about today, an ad for St. John’s College would have to be pretty high on the list. Wait, should that be low on the list? And, a list of things I don’t plan to write about? Wow, that would be pretty long. Ah, screw it. You get the idea. Probably.

Anyway, I was on a Catholic website when I saw this ad:

St. John's boob grab

That caught my attention for a simple reason: it looks like the girl in the blue shirt has her hand on the boob of the girl to her right. That intrigued me because it immediately jumps out at you. It was obviously intentional and intended to draw eyeballs to the ad. That’s not unusual for the web, but it is unusual for a Catholic university like St. John’s.

Moreover, I don’t want to get into “I see secret subliminal messages in the ad” mode, but ah, well, the more I look at this ad, the more obvious it seems to be that it was deliberately designed to subtly indicate that you will be getting laid at St. John’s.

Notice the guy to blue shirt girl’s left.

St. John's boob grab

He’s got the pelvis thrust going on.

Then the two girls to black shirt girl’s right are both doing their best “ride ’em cowboy” impression.

St. John's boob grab

The guy in red on the end? Not so much. I guess I could posit that he’s giving everyone his best “Yo bro, I just got laid, it’s so easy here” high five. But, who knows? Maybe he’s just the odd one out.

Still, one other thing then caught my attention. I noticed that the shadows under the people were photoshopped. The pretty clear “X” shape really stood out under the girl in black. To me, it looks like…well, what do you think it looks like?


How about a little bigger?


To, me that’s a pretty decent S, a very clear X, and a fairly non-descript “e”.

So, am I crazy here — wait, let’s stop there and rephrase. So, do you also think a Catholic University, St. John’s, is doing a sex themed ad or are you not seeing it?

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