There’s one HUGE problem with the Pope’s call for open borders

by Earl Hall | September 27, 2015 9:49 am

It is always amazing to me how the Vatican can make statements that seem to completely contradict what they actually do.  The visit from the Pope opened up a lot of talk about just how left leaning and political this Pope is[1].



Today, the Vatican announced it would be tearing down its ancient walls in an effort to accommodate the thousands of refugees migrating from poor and war torn countries in the Middle East and Africa.

Just kidding.

But this is apparently exactly what the leaders at the walled-in Vatican want the rest of us to do.

As the New York Times[3] says, “in his speeches so far this week, Francis has clearly focused his attention on the migrants who see him as their champion.

“When you have these two rights in conflict, which one has to bend?” said Greg Burke, the senior adviser for communications at the Vatican. “The Gospel answers that it has to bend in favor of human dignity.”

Hmm…the last time I checked — ten minutes ago — the Vatican was still surrounded by massive centuries-old walls, which were built by previous Popes to protect the inhabitants of the city. In fact, in 2014, the Vatican actually stepped up security after threats against the Pope.

According to the Telegraph[4], the measures were adopted after a foreign intelligence agency, possibly American, intercepted a conversation between two unidentified Arabs in which they reportedly discussed ‘doing something in the Vatican.”

And of course ISIS has threatened[5] to overtake Rome.

But that’s all just crazy talk, right? And no reason for Europe and America to feel a bit queasy about opening their borders to any and everyone after ISIS has said it has embedded fighters[6] in the refugees.

Or the fact that most of the refugees are in fact military-aged[7] men.

No, no. None of that should matter, and the United States should completely open its borders and let everyone in, according to the Pope.

So just out of curiosity, we checked to see how welcoming the Vatican has been to refugees.

According to The Guardian[8], a Vatican parish has taken ONE family of four refugees from Syria. The family is Christian of the Catholic Greek Melkite rite. And they might take in one more family.

As the Washington Times[9] says, “the Vatican…welcomes millions of visitors a year — but allows only a very select few, who meet strict criteria, to be admitted as residents or citizens.”

Oh I see, Holy See, do as I say, but not as I do. How very liberal.

In the end we are seeing how much the world the changing.  The Vatican seems be changing its focus…away from abortion and morality and focusing on becoming politically correct. Do you think the Pope’s a hypocrite?

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