URGENT: Dozens of Stone-Throwing Muslims Caught on Camera Bloodying Christians… in America [VIDEO]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | October 29, 2014 9:47 am

Stoned in America… literally… for the crime of being Christian. Evidently the Constitution does not apply in Dearbornistan, Michigan where in 2012, dozens of Muslims were allowed by Shariah observing police, to stone Christians who were protesting Islam. This is not the first time it has happened there either. A lawsuit is now being re-heard on the case after a three judge dismissal. The Christians were bloodied by many rocks thrown at them and then the police threatened to cite them if they did not leave. How Progressive[1].

From Conservative Tribune[2]:

Cameras were rolling at the Arab International Festival that took place in Dearborn, MI, which shows dozens of Muslims throwing rocks and bottles at Christian protesters as they rightfully and peacefully protested the event in an effort to stand up for their beliefs.

Fair warning to all Americans who read this story or watch the video below – it’s infuriating. (H/T WND.com[3])

The annual festival takes place in the heart of the city of Dearborn, which appears to be the Middle East[4] of the United States. The event is attended by thousands of Muslim and Islamic fanatics. It’s not uncommon for Christian protesters to show up, under their First Amendment right to do so, and protest the event.

That’s exactly what a group of local Christians did, toting signs proclaiming their concerns. But before they were able to do anything, they were immediately attacked by a mob-style radical Muslim crowd, that began to throw any object they could find on the ground, including rocks, at the group of Christians.

Deciding to retreat for fear of serious injury, the Christians, as shown in the video, essentially begged sheriff’s deputies who were supposed to provide security for the event for help.

What did the deputies do? They threatened to cite the Christians for causing a disturbance and then literally turned the other way. How disgusting is that?

Dearborn has now become a radical Islamic enclave on American soil. You can bet if the tables had been turned and it was Christians stoning Muslims, there would have been an outcry from here to Mecca and Christians would have been prosecuted with a vengeance. In Obama’s America these days, Islam is considered ‘above’ Constitutional rights and Christians are merely infidels to be dealt with such as those that protested in Michigan. Christian stonings in America – crickets in the media.

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