[VIDEO] Message From Jon Stewart About Free Speech and the Muhammad Cartoon

by McGuire | May 5, 2015 3:51 pm

When people get offended, it just seems natural to next level that as fast as possible, right? Like someone draws something that offends you so go shoot them up, right? Seems super logical to me, anyways.[1]


In the wake of the shooting outside a Muhammad cartoon contest in Garland, Texas, comedian Jon Stewart reminded viewers on Monday night that “it is not OK to shoot other people because you are offended by what they draw.”

Stewart — who certainly didn’t have favorable words for the American Freedom Defense Initiative, the group that organized the event — stood up against anyone who would inflict violence on others over offensive words or ideas.

“[The American Freedom Defense Initiative] is a First Amendment group the same way people from Philly are sports fans,” Stewart quipped. “They like sports, but really they’re just looking for an excuse to punch a stranger and pour beer on someone’s baby.”

That aside, “The Daily Show” host said that he needed to reinforce some important points about free speech.

“I can’t believe we have to reiterate this,” he said. “It is not OK to shoot other people because you are offended by what they draw — even if they drew it to offend you, no shooting of them. Never OK.”

Correspondents for “The Daily Show” then began popping up from behind his desk to ask comical free speech questions about if and when it’s OK to shoot others.

“What if I, like, haven’t shot anyone in a long time?” Jordan Klepper asked.

Jessica Williams added, “What if it’s, like, deer hunting season and I really thought that that cartoon contest was, like, a deer?”

Stewart responded by repeatedly reminding his on-air talent — and the audience — that “responding to cartoons, or words, or ideas with violence is wrong.”

Stupidly enough, this probably does have to be repeated. Like, don’t run with scissors or share. This is a world gone mad when people are shooting up cartoon contests of Mohammed. Idiots.

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