‘Weird & Shameless’: Congressman Stole Pope’s Water Glass

by Earl Hall | September 26, 2015 10:16 am

I am not sure if you can call this steeling but it definitely is weird.  To me it is not weird that he took the glass.  What is weird to me is that a leftist abortion supporter wants anything from the Pope.  Maybe he thinks that drinking from the glass will get him a ‘go straight to heaven card’.  From the Blaze[1].

In this photo taken Thursday, Sept. 24, 2015, U.S. Rep. Bob Brady, D-Pa., drinks from a glass of water that Pope Francis used during his speech to Congress, while standing in Brady's Washington office. (Stan White/U.S. Rep. Bob Brady's office via AP)

In this photo taken Thursday, Sept. 24, 2015, U.S. Rep. Bob Brady, D-Pa., drinks from a glass of water that Pope Francis used during his speech to Congress, while standing in Brady’s Washington office. (Stan White/U.S. Rep. Bob Brady’s office via AP)

Congressman Stole Pope’s Water Glass — and What He Did With It After Is Being Called ‘Kinda Creepy’

Rep. Bob Brady (D-Pa.) stole the water glass Pope Francis used for his historic speech before Congress Thursday, The Washington Post reported[2].

The Democratic congressman confirmed to The Post that he snatched the half-full glass the pope had used from the lectern while his colleagues were distracted with the pope’s departure.

The story was first reported[3] by the Philadelphia Daily News.

Brady took the glass to his Capitol Hill office where he sipped some of the water. The Pennsylvania Democrat passed it around to his wife and staffers.

“Anything the pope touches becomes blessed,” he told The Post. “I think so and no one is going to change my mind.”

“Anything the pope touches becomes blessed.”

Rep. Bob Brady drinks from Pope Francis’ water glass and shares it with his staff: http://t.co/72dtuZy6gm[4] pic.twitter.com/gb5yV06Fr1[5]

— ABC News (@ABC) September 25, 2015[6]

According to The Post, Brady invited Sen. Bob Casey (D-Pa.) to his office to dip his fingers in the remaining water. Brady’s wife and mother apparently also took part in that practice. Brady told The Post Friday that he had contacted the House Architect so that he could pay for the stolen glass. He was told that a check would be sent to him. When the story was published by The Post, many reacted online.

From the Dept. Of Weird and shameless. The+congressman+who+stole+the+pope’s+water+glass+and+drank+from+it http://t.co/LPt6bYNwRj[7]

— PETER MAER (@petermaer) September 25, 2015[8]

Holy backwash, Batman. From @ColbyItkowitz[9] the case of the pilfered pontiff glass: http://t.co/Xc5dZiXRUk[10]

— Anne Rumsey Gearan (@agearan) September 25, 2015[11]

Kinda creepy, actually. And who’s paying for fingerprint analysis? U.S. Rep. Brady helps himself to pope’s glass http://t.co/2m4NSkQnlw[12]

— Helen Ubiñas (@NotesFromHeL) September 25, 2015[13]

Well it is kinda creepy.  Even though.  If you had the chance to get a Papal glass wouldn’t you take it?

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