Why Devout Radical Jihadists Go For Lap Dances

Many people seem puzzled that devout radical Muslims might go out for a lap dance before they go on a murder spree. So this might make them scratch their heads:

Hasan was a regular customer at a club close to the Texas military base and on one occasion spent six hours there watching women poledancing.

His behaviour in the run-up to the shooting spree is similar to that of some of the September 11 hijackers who also sampled Western decadence before committing their atrocity.

Mohamed Atta, the leader of the September 11 terrorists, and four accomplices spent time in a strip bar in Las Vegas, while others frequented one in Florida.

Why would he do this?

Simple. If you believe that you go to heaven for dying in a fight against infidels, then you can sin and “get away with it.” Moreover, what do jihadists believe happens when they get to heaven? They think they get 72 virgins. What are they planning to do with those virgins? Exactly what Hasan probably wanted to do to those strippers he was watching dance around in front of him.

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