A Short Scott Walker Postmortem: The 4 Things That Killed Scott Walker’s Campaign

by John Hawkins | September 23, 2015 5:15 am

Conservatives expected Scott Walker to be a force when he got into the race and indeed, his early numbers looked good. In fact, he led in Iowa for quite awhile. However, a number of issues drove him from the race.

1) His Super PAC hired Brad Dayspring:
When you’re supposed to be the grassroots alternative to Jeb Bush, it doesn’t look good when your former top level aides at your SUPER PAC hire a NRSC scumbag who is considered to be an archenemy of everything good and decent in the conservative movement. When Walker declared for President, he ended up being asked about the Dayspring hire in several prominent interviews. While it didn’t turn conservatives off completely, Walker got a lot of handshakes from the conservative media that would have been hugs except for Dayspring.

2) Walker’s issue issues: Walker didn’t seem to have a deep level of knowledge on some issues, he rapid-fire flop flopped on some issues like birthright citizenship and even though he brought up some potentially potent issues like cutting back on legal immigration and ending federal unions, he didn’t do a good job of following up.

3) Walker’s not a scintillating speaker: Walker does not have an electric speaking style and although he’d probably do fine in a one-on-one debate, he tended to blend into the background with 10 other candidates on the stage. It’s not that he was bad; he just wasn’t particularly good either.

4) He burned through his money too quickly and maybe….: Nobody knows exactly how much money the Walker campaign raised yet, but it’s thought to be somewhere between 5 and 9 million dollars. Unfortunately, Walker had a tip-heavy 90 man staff as well and when his numbers dropped, he could no longer maintain it. Even though Walker’s Super PAC is still loaded with cash, he’s not willing to cut back to a skeleton staff and soldier on. Maybe he just didn’t want it all that badly….

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