Allen West, The Liberal Media’s Boogeyman

By: Javier Manjarres

: As the liberal media continues to swim laps in their cesspool of hate and bigotry, it can be said that we can always rely on the liberal media to bring us much needed humor with their : rantings against conservative candidates and public figures like Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Rush Limbaugh and Allen West. : The local Broward-Palm Beach County ‘lib’ rag,: Broward New Times: has just put out it’s annual: ‘Dirty Dozen‘: list of personalities that they claim have broken the peoples trust, stolen their hearts, and robbed them blind.

The mere mention of Allen West makes these libtards go cross-eyed, as they flounder around in an uncontrollable and incomprehensible tizzy over the popular congressman from Plantation, Florida. : Congressman Allen West tops the New Times’ list of : ’favorite’ politicos, solidifying his unofficial title of : ’Boogeyman’ of the progressive movement. You have to admit, it is absolutely hilarious to see these Socialist-lite wannabee elitist squirm every time West opens his mouth.

Here is the what they wrote about West. : I have taken it upon myself to highlight some of the obvious untruths and inject some Sharkie tidbits of information to rebut some of these exaggerated and blatant lies about Congressman Allen West.

1. Allen West

The congressman uses his national platform for a war fought with hate.

U.S. Rep. Allen West is a Tea Party darling who defends tax breaks for the wealthy and called: U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz: ”despicable.” But that’s not why he’s on this list. : No, the congressman from Plantation is frightening because voters handed him a national political platform, and he uses it to spout hatred.

**Note-: Debbie Wasserman Schultz first stated that,: “He thinks it’s OK to objectify and denigrate women.”– Debbie Wasserman-Schultz: (”Debbie’s Tea Party”-esque event (Video: minute 2:52).: (original post here)

In 2004, West was forced to resign from his post as an Army lieutenant colonel because he fired a pistol into a barrel that was currently being occupied by an Iraqi detainee’s head. Military investigators called this aggravated assault, but to some people, it made West a hero.

**Note” Colonel had reported himself to his chain-of-command for firing a pistol near — not at — near, the head of an Iraqi prisoner to “get him to talk.” The tactic worked, and the prisoner divulged plans for an upcoming attack that could have cost several American lives.”: –

The congressman says America is at war against a “totalitarian, theocratic, political ideology, and it is called Islam.” : When a representative from the: Council on American-Islamic Relations: tried to question him at a town hall meeting, West cut him off. “You attacked us,” West said.

**Note-West did cut the CAIR representative off, and did state ‘you attacked us,” after he rattled off a list of historical dates of the Muslim world that counters the representatives case. (Must see video!)

A decade after 9/11, West caters to America’s ugliest fears about Muslims. On the anniversary of the terrorist attacks, he didn’t talk about the killing of: Osama bin Laden: or mention: al Qaeda. He talked about continuing the war on “Islamic totalitarianism.”

**Note-Allen West had mention the killing of Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda, shortly after the : bin Laden was killed. Al Qaeda is the epitome of Islamic totalitarianism, and the clowns the subscribe to this ideology are the ones responsible for the attacks on 9/11

History will not remember West’s opinions on: Medicaid: privatization or tax breaks. It will remember him as a politician who tried to pass off religious hatred as normal political discourse.

**Note– Allen West criticizes extremists for propagating hate and for advocating the death of ‘infidels’ simply because, according to the extremists, that is what is written in the Quran. Boo Hoo, so sad.

Merry Christmas New Times!

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