College Dream About to Get Easier … for Illegals

When deciding on a college, funding options are everything – especially these days. More than ever, the cost of college forces a decision that affects a young life long-term. As a result of factors such as state residency, sometimes location is the only factor in play despite any personal wishes.

According to the Democratic leadership, this situation should only be fixed for one group: illegal immigrants.

The DREAM Act would, among other things, allow illegal immigrants of “good standing” to obtain a college education while being charged the in-state tuition no matter their location, as well as give them provisionary status through the filing of applications that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will not be allowed to see.

Hence, not only is it a slap in the face to our border security laws – which, according to a certain judge, are being secured “overwhelmingly” – but to America’s youth.

Aside from the economy posing a fiscal challenge for many families attempting to send children to college, this administration is attempting to further chip away at the nation’s future.

ObamaCare passes more debt to young citizens. The student loan takeover lands on the youth of America as well. Now, the DREAM Act lands a blow: considering the beneficiaries are illegal immigrants, not only will they avoid footing the bill for this someday, but they will receive a discount that young citizens only dream of.

Sadly, when the idea of full in-state tuition for all is examined, all you find is this pending legislation.

Senator Harry Reid has already attempted to pass the DREAM Act in the past by attaching it to a military funding bill. This time, America looks to be more aware: we know the Act is on the lame-duck session to-do list, and rewarding lawlessness is not going to sneak by this nation unnoticed.

This time, the DREAM Act is being paired with a regulation which would allow illegals who serve in the military certain allowances. This attempt is nothing more than President Obama’s last chance to make good on promises made to illegals and the Latino community before the House leaves his control. (Politico has declared the attempt a “down payment” on other promises regarding immigration reform.)

The midterm election results showed just how important the youth vote was in getting Obama elected in 2008. Now with the economic picture so dire, many such as myself are looking for more education to give us a chance to find work. In-state tuition prices would assist the economic burden of such a decision – but the Democrats aren’t interested in helping the youth who did so much to help them, just the youth who don’t now and likely never will pay taxes.

Hopefully this action will be remembered in 2012.

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