Did Rick Perry Question Obama’s Patriotism?

by William Teach | August 16, 2011 7:41 am

Over at Memeorandum[1], where it seems to be all Rick Perry all the time, we find a whiny tidbit from George Soros funded Think Progress, which says that Rick Perry Questions Obama’s Patriotism[2]

Speaking to reporters tonight following an event in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Texas Governor Rick Perry appeared to question President Obama’s patriotism. In response to a question from Danny Yadron of the Wall Street Journal, who asked Perry if he was suggesting that Obama didn’t love this country, Perry replied: ” I dunno, you need to ask him.” Watch it:

Here’s the video

Text via ABC News[3]

“I think you want a president who is passionate about America – that’s in love with America,” Perry said during a visit to the Iowa State Fair on Monday.

At a Republican Party event Monday night, a reporter asked Perry whether he was suggesting that President Obama does not love America.

“You need to ask him,” Perry responded. “I’m saying, you’re a good reporter, go ask him”

Why would anyone question Obama’s patriotism? Just because he refused to wear a flag pin as a Senator, refused to put his hand over his heart during the National Anthem, bows to every foreign leader, apologized to the rest of world, has a wife who had never been proud of America before, increases the power and spending of the federal government, and wants to “fundamentally transform America”, among others, is no reason to think that he’s not patriotic.

And, jeez, it’s not like Obama has called people[4] who won’t pay more in taxes unpatriotic. That would be wrong. And he certainly hasn’t questioned the patriotism[5] of everyone who doesn’t agree with him. But, hey, Obama’s just like Lincoln[6]!

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