Donald Trump For President? Seriously?

by John Hawkins | April 14, 2011 4:02 am

I greatly admire Ross Perot as a man. Did you know that he and his wife lived off of his salary and saved everything she made to fund his business? Did you know that when some of his employees were captured during the Iranian revolution and the government wasn’t doing anything to help, he hired war hero Bull Simmons to go get them? Oh, and Perot? He went with them because he felt like he had a responsibility to his people. Combine all of that with his success in business and Perot is one exceptional human being. That’s why I supported him when he ran for President in 1992. In my defense, I really didn’t get into politics until 2001; so I didn’t truly understand what a terrible idea it was to back Perot at the time. That brings me to Donald Trump, whom I also greatly admire. This is a man who’s built some of the most impressive buildings in the world, he’s a financial genius, and as a professional blogger, I can’t help but admire his talent for self-promotion.

The reason all of this is relevant is because Trump is polling fairly well in his run for the presidency and there are actually some conservatives who are starting to warm up to him. This is a bad idea for many of the same reasons that Ross Perot wouldn’t have been the right guy for conservatives to support back in 1992 even if he had primaried Bush.

Now, if “The Donald” were running for mayor of New York City, governor of New York, or senator, I’d certainly take a hard look at him as a candidate. But taking a run at the Presidency? There’s just no evidence that Donald Trump has the temperament or experience needed to handle the job. To the contrary, his fixation on the birther issue and the public feuds he’s been in suggests he’s not well suited for the oval office.

It’s also worth noting that it’s very unlikely that Trump could actually beat Barack Obama. Keep in mind that he’s a political novice, which means he’s sure to make a number of significant mistakes. Additionally, we’re talking about a guy who’s had major business failures, multiple bankruptcies, lives an incredibly opulent lifestyle, has been divorced twice, and has never had a real political vetting. That means his baggage level is probably somewhere between high and astronomical.

Then there’s the fact that Trump is not a movement conservative. He’s not even a country club Republican. The impression I get, which admittedly could be wrong, is that Trump is a guy who really didn’t care about politics all that much until he decided to run for President. What that means is that we have very little idea of what he’d do if he actually got into office. Could he govern fairly conservatively? Sure, but he could also turn out to be Arnold Schwarzenegger. We really have no idea and it’s entirely possible that Trump has no idea himself at this point.

So, Trump? Extraordinary person? Yes. Someone who should be getting a hard look as a Republican candidate for President? No.

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