Grist Wonders If Belief In The Climate Change (Hoax) Is Kiss Of Death For GOP Candidates

by William Teach | May 19, 2011 9:43 am

And their poster child for this is John Huntsman, who is known mostly for the media and Democrats saying he would be a formidable Obama opponent, while most Conservatives say “other than working for Obama, who the hell is he?” Is climate sanity the kiss of death for Republican presidential candidates?[1]

Even after backing away[2] from his previous support for cap-and-trade programs, Jon Huntsman[3] is getting slammed by the right wing. His treasonous crime? Daring to suggest that climate scientists might be right. Not that they are right, mind you, and not that we should do anything in response to their warnings, but just that there are enough climate scientists saying the same thing that it might be worth listening. And even that sentiment, expressed in an interview with Time[4], was understated:

I covered that comment yesterday[5] in a non-crossposted post, so, I won’t go through it again. Several others blasted Huntsman as well, which Lisa Hymas, known as the ultimate GINK (green inclinations, no kids), and a hater of babies, due to their carbon footprints and use of Gaia’s pristine resourse, excerpts. Which leads to a minor quote from Tim Pawlenty, which Lisa inflates into some huge, monstrous thing, which is supposed to be

The repeated disavowals and self-flagellation have been downright painful to watch — a human being shedding his dignity like last year’s jeggings.

Uh huh. I beat up Pawlenty[6] about that a few weeks ago. But, it all leads to this

Obama certainly hopes so. Unlike most of the clowns in the GOP lineup[7], the Obama team fears that Huntsman would be a formidable opponent[8]: moderate, smart, well-spoken, handsome, charming, and cool as a cucumber. In short, a Republican Obama.

But fortunately for the Dems, the nutters in his own party won’t let Huntsman slide through the primaries without shedding much of the dignity and sanity that would make him appealing to the masses in the middle.

We don’t want a “Republican Obama.” Lisa means that in a different way than I do, but, we don’t want another big government president who spends enormous amounts of money on useless and BS “science”, damaging the economy and putting in controls on our lives and economic freedoms.

Interesting, though, that all Lisa can find to describe Obama are personal things, and nothing about executive capabilities.

Treehugger[9] files a slightly less unhinged article along the same lines. Huntsman, Tim Pawlenty, and Newt Gingrich, have some serious problems with belief in the climate change hoax.

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