HOLY COW! 12,000 Angry Voters Pack Pensacola Bay Center to See Trump in Florida Last Night

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | January 14, 2016 11:25 am

Nikki Haley referred to Donald Trump[1] as the angriest voice out there. Well, it would seem he is not alone. 12,000 angry voters packed out the Pensacola Bay Center in Florida to see The Donald last night. Even the Washington Post was wowed.[2] Trump’s people gave out a staggering 20,000 tickets. The Center holds 11,500 and they stuffed in 500 more for good measure. That means 8,000 could not get in to see Trump. Savor that for a moment… 8 freaking thousand! Large crowds are the rule, not the exception, at this point for Trump. He had 8,000 people in Lowell, MA, earlier this month; more than 2,000 showed up in Burlington, VT to hear him speak. That’s not your typical conservative enclave. This has all the markings of an historic landslide and neither side of the political aisle can wrap their heads around it.

Trump Florida[3]

From Gateway Pundit:

On Tuesday the Republican Party sent out Governor Nikki Haley to deliver the State of the Union response.

But, instead of criticizing Obama’s failed record, the South Carolina governor attacked GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

Haley continued her attacks on Trump[4] on Wednesday to the delight of the liberal media and Republican establishment.

Meanwhile, businessman held a rally last night in the Florida Panhandle.
12,000 angry voters[5] turned out to support Trump.

Looks like Americans are clamoring for Trump’s brand of ‘anger.’ As the Conservative Treehouse says, this is what an assembly of cold anger[6] looks like. Trump’s ability to draw thousands and thousands of people to hear him speak this close to actual voting suggests that the enthusiasm and passion he has sparked among a certain segment of the GOP base isn’t going anywhere any time soon. We are 19 days out from the Iowa caucus and Trump looks unstoppable. Ted Cruz is his only real rival and I’m good with either one at this point. And, judging from the packed house in Pensacola, Trump might be getting stronger, not weaker, as Iowa draws ever closer. This is a prospect that will send a shiver down the collective spine of the Washington political establishment and Hillary Clinton. Good times.

Trump Florida1[7]

Trump Florida3[8]

Trump Florida4[9]

Trump Florida5[10]

Trump Florida6[11]

Trump Florida7[12]

Trump Florida8[13]

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