In Case Republicans In D.C. Haven’t Noticed, They’re WINNING The Shutdown Fight

In Case Republicans In D.C. Haven’t Noticed, They’re WINNING The Shutdown Fight

“Born down in a dead man’s town
The first kick I took was when I hit the ground
You end up like a dog that’s been beat too much
Until you spend half your life just covering up.” — Bruce Springsteen

WW2 vets

Those lyrics are a fine description of the Republican Party in D.C. They’re weak, tentative, and assume they’re going to lose every fight no matter what happens. Of course, when a person or a political party has that kind of mentality, it tends to turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

In this case, there were more than a few Republicans who were absolutely furious with Ted Cruz and Mike Lee for making them stand up and fight. Sure, they’re happy to cast meaningless votes on the issues, but actually trying to win a political battle against the Democrats? Don’t all conservative these yahoos in flyover country know that it just can’t be done? George W. Bush finished his term with a 25% approval rating. Mitt Romney lost. John McCain lost. We’re doomed to lose forever and the only thing that’s left to do is a halfhearted paint-by-the-numbers failure that will slow down the speed of our defeat. That’s the impression you get from listening to Republicans like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Karl Rove, Bob Corker, Peter King, and many of the other inside -the-Beltway types anyway.

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But, the government shutdown happened and guess what? Not only did the whole world not crash in on the GOP, it’s been winning the political battle in a rout so far.

* Harry Reid and Barack Obama have loudly and childishly refused to negotiate.

* Democrats in the Senate voted unanimously against delaying Obamacare even though the rollout has been a complete disaster that proved the law isn’t ready for prime time.

* Democrats in the Senate voted unanimously in favor of the job killing medical device tax.

* Democrats in the Senate voted unanimously to exempt themselves from Obamacare while forcing it on the public.

* Democrats have been publicly picking on WWII vets and children who are victims of cancer.

* Democrats have been caught needlessly shutting down veterans’ memorials and the Army-Navy game.

While neither side is going to cover itself in glory during a government shutdown, the Republicans are the ones coming off as adults here. They’re showing they’re willing to negotiate. They’ve proven that they’re willing to pass specific bills to keep the pain for the general public to a minimum. They actually sent Democrats reasonable compromises that were voted down. The GOP voted to make politicians in D.C. follow the law while Democrats voted to keep their exemption from Obamacare on the books.

Yet, we still hear people say, “What do we do if the Democrats won’t give in?” Well, what do you usually do if you’re in a fight and the other guy won’t stop ramming his fist into your face? You KEEP PUNCHING HIM.

The Democrats are handling this shutdown about as badly as they possibly could. Multiple Democrat senators have probably already flushed their seats down the drain later this year by voting to exempt themselves from Obamacare. If that makes for a no win fight for the GOP, then what fight can we win?

It’s time for Republicans in D.C., especially the GOP leadership, to show what they’re made of it. Can they lead or can they not? Can they communicate well enough to get their message out to the public or can they not?

Republicans in D.C. need to either lead, follow, or admit they’re not up to the job and get out of the way (I’m looking at you, McCain, Graham, King, and Corker).

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