Is Jason Chaffetz really going to Fox News? Here’s what we know.

Is Jason Chaffetz really going to Fox News? Here’s what we know.

Okay… I’m confused and somewhat disappointed. Jason Chaffetz had put out the word that he was leaving Congress because of a medical emergency. He had to have foot surgery that was going to keep him down for a bit. A number of people also speculated that he was prepping for a political office. But what I am hearing now is that he’s telling people he’s going to Fox News. Fox has lost a lot of talent lately, so I’m sure they are looking for those with name recognition. But come on! They would have to offer him a lot of money… way to get bought.

I might also remind him that Sarah Palin was given a gig at Fox News too and they eventually cut her off. What a tactic. Selectively offer conservatives who are making a difference enough money they can’t refuse, lure them over with it and then eventually cut them off at the knees leaving them pretty much nowhere. Maybe I’ve got it all wrong, but this game looks deceptively simplistic to me.

From the Independent Journal Review:

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Musical chairs, anyone?

A report has surface that Rep. Jason Chaffetz may be exchanging his U.S. House seat for a different one on the Fox News Channel.

This news came several weeks after the Utah Republican announced that a medical emergency would force him to remain off the House floor for an extended period.

The Washingtonian reported that although Chaffetz is keeping his options open — including a possible run for Utah governor — a Fox News position may be in the works. The publication reported:

According to two GOP lawmakers who have spoken to Chaffetz directly and four senior House Republican aides, Chaffetz has been telling people he’ll take on what one source calls a “substantial role” in on-air talent at Fox News Channel, possibly as early as July, amplifying whispers that Chaffetz will not finish out his current term.

In his capacity as as chairman of the powerful House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Chaffetz was a frequent guest on the cable news giant, and with the departure of Bill O’Reilly, its flagship talent, he would appear to be a welcome addition at first glance.

Chaffetz has been telling House Republicans he is Fox News bound. I actually hope this isn’t true, but it sure looks like it is. He first offered a hint of what may come last month when he posted his decision to not seek re-election on his Facebook page. “After long consultation with my family and prayerful consideration, I have decided I will not be a candidate for any office in 2018,” Chaffetz wrote, adding that he made “a personal decision to return to the private sector.” All of this strikes me as somewhat dishonest and I expected better from Chaffetz.

Per the report: “It is unclear what precise role Chaffetz may play at Fox, or if a deal has in fact been finalized. Spokespeople for Fox declined to return multiple requests for comment.” “Let’s just say that when Jason told us he was headed to Fox, no one was surprised,” says one senior House Republican aide. Funny, because it is to all of us. “I know he was gunning for it,” a GOP House member close to Chaffetz said. “Fox was his first choice once he announced his plans” not to seek reelection. “He’s probably one of the most media-capable members in the House,” adds another senior House Republican aide, “just based on total time spent on a television camera.”

I have had my differences with Chaffetz over the years. He was a proponent for Amnesty. But over the last couple of years, he’s been a pit bull against Congressional corruption. But maybe he was more ‘fluid’ than I thought. Another Republican bites the dust when we can least afford it.

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