Jeb Bush: “We Should Politely Ask Illegals To Leave”

And some wonder why Conservatives are less than enthusiastic over a Jeb Bush run

(Breitbart) This weekend in San Francisco while speaking to the National Automobile Dealers Association, former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-FL) said, “First and foremost we need to control our border.”

“The 40 percent of the people that have come here illegally came with a legal visa and overstayed their bounds,” he added. “We ought to be able to figure out where they are and politely ask them to leave.”

State and local enforcement should partner with the federal government to encourage illegal aliens to return to their home countries in a “compassionate” way, Bush continued.

Or, we could implement tough rules, as I’ve mentioned many times, that put a huge burden on those who employ illegals and/or educate them, as well as house them, give them loans, etc, making it virtually impossible for illegals to obtain jobs, schooling, and housing. No social services, no government money, nothing. A good chunk of those who overstay their visas were here for jobs or college. Since they are sponsoring the people with VISAS, they would be in charge of keeping track, and the minute the visa expires they would need to inform the government and terminate their relationship with the now illegal.

I’m trying to find something about Jeb Bush which would make him palatable as the Republican nominee, but, so far, nothing. Most of his policies seem to stretch beyond “Democrat-lite”.

Meanwhile, Chris Christie has launched a PAC that allows him to raise money in a potential White House bid.

And Sarah Palin

“Without putting any words in my mouth, you can absolutely say that I’m seriously interested,” said Palin, the 2008 vice presidential nominee, in the lobby of the Marriott late Friday night. But in the same conversation, she appeared to downplay her interest, suggesting she is merely keeping her option open.

Just, no.

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