John McCain Embraces Role as Obama’s Igor

by Dave Blount | August 1, 2013 2:01 pm

Among the many moonbats and quislings comprising the execrable Obama Regime, none is more insidiously treasonous than Obama’s right-hand man in the Senate. No, I don’t mean Harry Reid:

For Obama, [John McCain] has become a rare Republican backer of important elements on the president’s second term agenda, including immigration overhaul, stricter background checks for gun buyers, and perhaps a fall budget deal.

In return, McCain has secured increased access to the White House and an opportunity to redeem his reputation as a Capitol Hill “maverick.”

A maverick is a Republican who earns pats on the head from the liberal media by knifing conservatives in the back.

Lawmakers, including some Democrats, long have chafed at Obama’s distant dealings with Capitol Hill and his supposed lack of understanding about how Congress operates.

That is, even congressional Dems are put off by Obama’s extreme arrogance, unprofessionalism, high-handedness, and open contempt for the division of powers.

None of this bothers McCain. The Maverick is perfectly happy to crawl around on his knees, gobbling any crumbs of media affection that fall from Obama’s table onto the floor.

There is one area where Obama and McCain disagree: Syria, where McCain is even more wrong than Obama, favoring more aggressive action to see that the country falls into the hands of Islamist maniacs affiliated with al Qaeda.

The worst Washington has to offer.

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