Judd Gregg Unintenionally Highlights What’s Wrong With The GOP

by William Teach | June 16, 2014 7:45 am

You remember Judd Gregg: he is a Republican who was Governor of New Hampshire, then served as a US Senator from New Hampshire. He has had his good points as a Conservative and poor points. However, he seems to be part of the GOP Establishment wing, which brooks no dissent within its ranks

Troubles of party system laid bare[1]

Once there was a Republican Party; today there is not.

Once there was a two-party system in America; today there is not.

Those, in a nutshell, are the most serious and substantive lessons to be drawn from the defeat of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) in a GOP primary contest last week.

After all the bloviating, to use an old Republican term coined by President Harding, by the pundits on Fox, CNN, and in newspapers and on websites, the real concern is the disappearance of the Republican Party as a functioning party.

With Cantor’s startling loss, a reality has been bared that has been suspected and whispered about, but has never before been displayed so publicly and starkly.

It is that the two-party system, which has been essential to the orderly governance of the nation for a long time, is now in shambles.

That structured system, whatever its flaws, has facilitated the reasonably rational and effective governance of a large and complex nation. Now, it has splintered into a series of fiefdoms or factions

What he’s laying out is a two party system where everyone is in lockstep with the Leadership, otherwise, Things Don’t Get Done

Thus, under our system, a proliferation of factions or parties generate even greater forces for inertia, and make it even harder for the government to govern.

This is the Establishment message: shut the hell up. But, hey, we the GOP leadership are more than will to compromise with the Democrats. Of course, they’re version of compromise seems to be giving the Democrats virtually everything they want.

The purpose of the two-party system, when it is working, is to begin the process of compromise.

Listening to and compromising with the Conservative base never seems to be in the cards for the GOP establishment.

With noncommunicative factions or strident sub-parties, such movement cannot occur. Things just stop. And they have.

This is the message that Cantor’s defeat delivers, in neon lights. But it is in fact a message that has been building and has been sent out by both parties for some time now.

It may be that in the short run, Democrats can take glee in the dysfunction now apparent in the Republican Party. But Republicans have not cornered the market in the rise of factions and the deterioration of the party as an effective vehicle for governance and coherent policies.

Notice that Gregg is Blaming Republicans who *gasp* have their own thoughts and ideas, and are tired of the GOP leadership selling them out in compromises with Democrats. He also fails to notice that the Democrats have already been taken over by their extremist wing.

The Democrats are not far behind. Those on the left are being pushed aside by the hard left, which is intent upon the resurrection of progressivism (more accurately named socialism) as the key cause of the Democratic Party.

More accurately, they aren’t socialists: they’re fascists. The two political ideologies share many common traits, such as control of the means of production to a heavy degree, even ownership of industry. Where they diverge is in allowing free thought. The Democratic Socialist model allows for free thought: Fascism requires compliance with the Approved Doctrine. There is no disagreement allowed with Government. There is heavy interference and control of the lives of citizens.

Regardless, Gregg highlights exactly why Cantor had to go: the Establishment doesn’t listen, doesn’t want to listen, and wants conservatives, the Tea Party, and libertarians to sit down, shut up, and do what they’re told.

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