Judge Jeanine to GOP: ‘You’re in Power, Damn It! Do Something, Pass Something!’ [VIDEO]

Judge Jeanine to GOP: ‘You’re in Power, Damn It! Do Something, Pass Something!’ [VIDEO]

Judge Jeanine Pirro has a history of refusing to let either Republicans or Democrats get away with refusing to serve the American people.

This time, she’s taking on the GOP and their blatant inability to do any of the things they promised to accomplish when they got control of *insert congressional house here.* In fact, it’s beginning to feel an awful lot like we the people have been scammed for our votes and that is something that I don’t take very lightly.

“The Republican establishment not fighting for the commander-in-chief as day after day they watch him being savaged, forcing him to defend himself and run the country. Think about it. If he’s knocked out, the succession is clear and things go back to the way they were,” she began, angrily.

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Pirro really laid into the GOP leadership, which isn’t really “leading” at all.

“You’re in power, damn it! Do something, pass something, cut this kumbaya crap, put on your big boy pants and act like you’re in power, act like you give a damn! And more importantly, convince us that you are not in on the effort to take down the president of the United States.”

I don’t like thinking that the people that we trusted enough to vote them into a position of power would lie to us, but it’s looking an awful lot like that is exactly what happened.

Watch her monologue below:

Republicans need to get their butts in gear if they expect to be re-elected. They now have the House, the Senate and the White House, and they still can’t get anything done. It’s absolutely ridiculous and a disservice to the American people who put them there.

We need to stop electing pansies who don’t have the spinal fortitude to do the jobs they were given.

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