Liberals Ruthlessly Attack Graham At Town Hall Meeting – Lindsey Slugs Back [VIDEO]

by Sonja Bochow | March 26, 2017 11:19 pm


Republican Senator Lindsey Graham held a town hall[2] meeting in his home state of South Carolina this past week. The crowd was almost exclusively Democrat voters, who shouted and interrupted their way through the meeting. Graham addressed a number of issues including the federal budget, Supreme Court, health care reform and the investigation of President Trump’s connections to Russia.

In response to the predictable rudeness of his Democrat audience, Graham called them out when he said, “All of you want Trump to be denied what comes with being President—not all of you, but some of you—and you want to overturn the election.”

And in response to one heckler’s suggestion that he has been obstructing the “investigation” into Trump and the Russians, Graham said, “I think that’s a bunch of garbage when it comes to me.”

And when the Senator spoke of his support for Judge Gorsuch, the crowd got nasty, prompting Graham to respond, “I don’t believe that the Constitution was written so that you get everything you want and I get nothing. That’s not the way the Constitution was written.”

Of course, the assumption that a crowd of Leftists has any idea what the Constitution says or doesn’t, is a little dicey. But Graham tried. His parting shot to the unruly crowd was to say, “You know what I’m afraid of? Of losing this country. I’m afraid of this country falling apart because people can’t listen to each other, and they just yell.”

The crowd started chanting “Your last term,” and the Senator’s answer was, “Good! Bring it on — we’re going to have an election in 2020. Here’s what I’m going to do: Between now and 2020, I’m not going to worry about losing my job. I’m not worried about you not voting for me. You know what I am worried about? Our country.”

Indeed, yelling, along with rioting, seems to be the only exercise of the First Amendment the Democrats can muster. Good on Senator Graham for standing up to them and standing by his party and his President. That is something we need to see more often.

See video below.

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