Memo to GOP: Curb Immigration or Quit… 14 Million More Coming Over Next 10 Years

Memo to GOP: Curb Immigration or Quit… 14 Million More Coming Over Next 10 Years

Jeff Sessions and Dave Brat renewed their call for the US to regulate the number of legal immigrants flowing into the country today. 14 million over the next 10 years is forecast which will impact Americans and the economy. Projected immigration will add five times the size of Los Angeles to the US population over the next 50 years. “It is not caring, but callous, to bring in so many workers that there are not enough jobs for them or those already living here,” Sessions and Brat wrote in Roll Call Monday. “It is not mainstream, but extreme, to continue surging immigration beyond all historical precedent. And it is not rational, but radical, to refuse to recognize limits.” Sessions and Brat go in depth on how immigration, both legal and illegal, is affecting jobs and wages. They referred to these facts and their implications for US workers and communities as “the forbidden conversation.”

Illegal Immigration

From the Washington Examiner:

If nothing is done to address legal and illegal immigration, some 14 million more immigrants will come to the United States over the next 10 years, according to a warning call from two congressional immigration critics.

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In a full-page ad to run in Roll Call Tuesday, and previewed in the paper today, Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions and Virginia Rep. Dave Brat provided the raw data on the nation’s building immigration problem and blew the whistle on the so-called “Gang of Eight” proposal to ease immigration rules.

“Including all forms of immigration, the Census Bureau estimates another 14 million immigrants will enter the U.S. on net between now and 2025 — that’s almost five times the number of students who will graduate from public high school in America this year,” the two wrote.

And much of it is legal, and threatens U.S. workers, they added.

“Over the next 10 years, the U.S. will hand out more green cards than the combined populations of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. This has absolutely nothing to do with the border or immigration enforcement: these green cards will be issued — this year and a hundred years from now — unless Congress passes a law to prevent their issuance.

“On top of this, the U.S. issues each year approximately 700,000 visas to temporary foreign workers, 500,000 visas to foreign students, and 100,000 visas to refugees and asylum-seekers.

“Because these new immigrants and foreign workers arrive legally, corporations can legally substitute them for their existing workers at lower pay. From 2000 through 2014, all jobs gains among the working-age were claimed by foreign labor. Moreover, because immigrant workers are paid lower salaries, their wages are subsidized by U.S. taxpayers. A recent report from the Center for Immigration Studies revealed that 3 in 4 immigrant households with kids are drawing welfare payments,” they wrote.

Their assault on the Gang of Eight bill was a warning shot at those eyeing the House speakership and presidency that conservatives won’t back legislation that hints at amnesty.

“This is not immigration reform,” they wrote. “This is the dissolution of the nation state, of the principle that a government exists to serve its own people.”

“Pew Research Projects that new immigrants and their children will add another 103 million residents to the U.S. over the next five decades,” they wrote. “That’s the population equivalent of 25 cities of Los Angeles. Did any American vote for this extreme and untested policy?” The foreign-born population has increased by 325% since 1970. Wages have stayed flat and as of last month, almost 40% of people of working age in the US were unemployed. “If we allow our immigration system to replicate in America the same failed conditions which people have left, we are hurting the country and any who would seek to enter it in the future,” Sessions and Brat wrote. “For that reason, we should only admit as many new arrivals as we can reasonably expect to absorb into our schools, labor markets and communities.” “We must never admit so large a number that the immigrants themselves are unlikely to enter the middle class or achieve stable incomes,” they continued. “And we have to recognize that there are record millions already living inside our borders in desperate need of a job.” The US is erasing her borders and committing national suicide. It is the end of US sovereignty staring us in the face and it is by design. If the GOP cannot or will not curb immigration, they should quit.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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