Most people probably didn’t expect Franklin Graham to say this about Donald Trump!

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | July 17, 2015 6:41 am

Although this is not an endorsement of Donald Trump[1], it shows just what a diverse segment of America likes what he is saying and doing. Graham and Trump are absolutely right… there is just no excuse for these four hostages still being in Iran. They should have been the very first thing negotiated out the gate, but they were totally ignored by Obama. Figures… he doesn’t give a crap. Especially about Christians, military and intelligence officers. He probably told Iran to let them rot. That wouldn’t surprise me in the least. I am heartened that Franklin Graham, a man I highly admire, is giving credit where it is due to The Donald. In the end on candidates, it doesn’t matter if you like them. What matters is are they what is best for the country and do they have the courage of their convictions? Do they have the stones to carry through? Looks to me like Cruz and Trump both do.

Franklin Graham Donald Trump[2]

From The Political Insider:

President Barack Obama is determined to negotiate with the terrorist thugs of the Iranian regime. This historic capitulation to a hostile nation has to raise serious questions about which side Barack Obama really is on. Iran is not to be trusted.

That’s why Rev. Franklin Graham posted his SUPPORT for Donald Trump’s firm stance against the negotiations with Iran! The sanctions against this brutal, Islamic nation are the least we can do to one of America’s biggest enemies.

As Rev. Graham noted, Trump has been sounding the alarm on pastor Saeed Abedini, an American who has been held prisoner in Iran since 2012. His wife and children haven’t seen their husband and father in years, but Obama refuses to meet with them.

That’s why Graham took a huge step in supporting Trump! Here is what he posted on Facebook[3].

President Barack Obama is heralding his nuclear deal with Iran as “another chapter in the pursuit of a more helpful and more hopeful world.” I don’t think so. Iran has a history of funding terrorism around the world, and they are Israel’s worst enemy. We are alienating our decades-long allies and cozying up to their enemies and ours. And Donald J. Trump was exactly right when he said, “we have four prisoners over there. We should have said ‘Let the prisoners out.’” One of these prisoners is our friend Pastor Saeed Abedini, and I haven’t heard the names of any of these four U.S. citizens mentioned in the negotiations with Iran. Some are calling this deal a potential death sentence for the State of Israel. Pray for our Congress that God would give them wisdom as they debate this important agreement. There’s a lot at stake here.

Thank you, Rev. Graham for standing with Trump and opposing Obama’s Iran negotiations. There can be no negotiating with a country which treats Christians in such an evil way. America can not stand for the imprisonment of Saeed Abedini.

Obama is the ultimate enemy within. He has cuddled with every enemy we have and alienated every ally. He’s all but guaranteed another World War. Four Marines were gunned down in Tennessee yesterday and what does Obama do? Why he issues a message to celebrate the end of Ramadan a couple of hours after the atrocity occurred. Don’t tell me he is incompetent or clueless. He knows what he is doing – he is celebrating Jihad and Islam. Kerry’s daughter is married to an Iranian. Valerie Jarrett’s family hails from Iran. Obama moved heaven and hell to get this deal for Iran and got nothing for us in return. He has Isreali and American blood on his hands and he revels in it. Graham is supporting Trump because Trump is standing up to evil and calling it out. Obama is the imp of that evil. I pray for those hostages and their families. I pray for Israel and America.

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