Move Over Gore, Make Way for Lindsey Graham

by Dave Blount | March 3, 2010 1:08 pm

The Guardian[1], official mouthpiece of Britain’s pointy-headed establishment Left, can’t help but admit that the Nobel Prize-bedecked Al Gore is a figure of fun. Referring to the Goracle’s recent desperate rant[2] in the friendly New York Times, Guardian contributor Dan Kennedy (a Boston journalism professor) laments that Prince Albert

has not only spent his political capital, but is running a deficit. Mocked by the right every time he pops up, he is no longer in a position to convince anyone who isn’t already convinced — especially when he writes for our most liberal daily newspaper.

It started, of course, with the vicious lies told about Gore during the 2000 presidential campaign, the most notorious of which was that he claimed to have “invented the internet[3]” … the smear campaign that almost certainly cost Gore the presidency.

You don’t get much more vicious than poking fun at a blowhard politician for indulging in excessive self-promotion. It’s almost as mean as saying that skunks stink.

The hate stirred up by that effort has long since congealed into conventional wisdom. Now, whenever Gore speaks out on climate change, he is subjected to withering, fact-free scorn. It has its effect on those trying to figure out the truth. Go ahead. Feel the hate:

“Do you think of your breathing passages as spewing sh*t?” sneered Ann Althouse[4], referring to Gore’s use of an “open sewer” metaphor.

Another rightwing blogger, Van Helsing, wrote that Gore had emerged “to demand totalitarian restrictions on economic activity[5] in the name of a crisis that clearly does not exist”.

That’s right ecocommies, feel the hate! Here’s some more:

And Andrew Breitbart’s notorious Big Journalism site ran a commentary by Kyle-Anne Shiver, who said of Gore[6], “His life as a jet-setting, Nobel Peace Prize-sharing, Oscar-brandishing celebrity is on the line. Without the people’s diehard faith in his religion of global warming, Al will be forced to trade his lifestyle of the mega-rich-and-famous for an ignominious and expensive defense of never-ending lawsuits brought by enraged sucker governments and private investors.”

Not to worry, moonbats. Another hero has arisen to take up the burden of rescuing the polar bears from our freedom and prosperity:

But if Gore’s effectiveness as a climate-change activist has expired, there is nevertheless reason to hope. Because there, in the same edition of the Sunday Times, just a few inches away, was columnist Tom Friedman’s interview with the ghost of climate change present[7], South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham—living proof that it is possible for a conservative Republican not only to be sane, but to work toward real solutions to actual problems.

Grahamnesty is praised for wanting to shut down Club Gitmo (which would be a big propaganda coup for Muslim terrorists and their liberal enablers), for backing racist radical Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court, and most of all, for conspiring with the disgraceful Hanoi John Kerry to drive millions of jobs overseas in the name of the global warming hoax with Tax & Charade. They might also have mentioned his support for shamnesty[8], his denunciation[9] of those who want our border defended as “bigots” who need to “shut up,” his alliance[10] with sinister hard left financier George Soros, the delight[11] he took in Dems taking over the Senate, and his support for leaping toward communism by nationalizing banks[12].

With uncharacteristic understatement, the Guardian admits that Goober is “well to the left of many South Carolina Republicans.” Fortunately, Tea Partiers are on to Graham[13]; as is the Republican Party of Charleston[14]. Less fortunately, there’s nothing voters can do about him until 2014. Maybe he’ll pull a Specter[15] by then.

Goober responds to enraged constituents, via the National Policy Institute[16].

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